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visual advocacy : midterm self-evaluation

visual advocacy : midterm self-evaluation
October 13, 2014 nick howland

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Alright, self-evaluation time!! I think think this semester so far has been smooth-sailing. But not really. Jodi and I have picked a pretty difficult subject for our project and the difficulties keep presenting themselves in new ways. But, like a grand game of design-for-good-whack-a-mole, I think Jodi and I have done a fairly good job of assessing each problem (with the help of the magical Kelly) and then finding a solution. We overthought the project to begin with, which led us down a different path than we needed to be on, but it actually ended up informing what our project is now.

Overall, I think we have hit a few speed bumps, but we are on-track now and are pretty excited to see where our project goes. I wouldn’t say we are “kicking ass and taking names” just yet, but I think we’re doing alright. And I guess that means on a “me, myself, and I” level, I’m doing alright as well. But I can’t wait to ramp up and do even better.