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visual advocacy : examine : research + readings

visual advocacy : examine : research + readings
September 5, 2014 nick howland

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Jodi Brewer and I will be tag teaming this project to fight the good fight.

3-5 directions: 

  • new website (poor web presence) geared towards the community: simple with a basic spread of information, such as a blog, about section, and a contact page
  • possibly a new brand
  • a  booklet with cliff notes on the class that can be handed out to those that cannot attend the class / are persecuted for doing so
  • another fund raising campaign, possibly multiple
  • posters / advertising / publicity for the class
  • course material



  • The Man Class is part of Reengage, an organization that aims to reintegrate the black male back into the family.
  • to do this, they “reward behavior that was contrary to our national goals and provided disincentives to family structure.”
  • Mission statement: “To help transform males into men through training, support, and empowerment.”
  • aim for a holistic approach to the national epidemic of absentee fathers
  • aiming to help put an end to absentee fathers, which has become an American epidemic that reaches across racial, economic, and ethnic lines
  • the main focus is within the african american community of KC, where this problem is most noticeable.
  • “non-profit organization of concerned parents, educators, health professionals, clergy, and citizens who want to begin the process of repairing these broken relationships between not only fathers and their children but mothers and fathers.”
  • want to provide “services required to stabilize young families and help them to become incubators for healthy and successful children”
  • the end goal is to create a safe home-life that promotes safe healthy, and successful children.
  • have been unable to gather the funds necessary to fully provide these services
  • since they haven’t been able to gather the necessary funds, they have initiated a smaller course called “The Man Class” in order to teach a limited but specified program to young, fatherless KC males.
  •  contact information Address:
    3101 Troost Ave.
    Kansas City, MO 64109Phone:
    816.931.4751 X112Email:

The Man Class

  • provide participants with 12 lessons or principles that a father would teach his son
  • begin with what is responsible manhood and end with the participant developing a one year plan for his life
  • aim to make the males more successful as men, fathers, and husbands.
  • change thinking to change behavior
  • establish an understanding
  • Mentoring, goal setting and volunteering
  • “Today we have the challenge of generational poverty which is more than a material lack; it is also an emotional, psychological, and spiritual lack”
  • what makes the Man Class different is the emphasis on the holistic approach
  • curriculum:
  1. Class 1 – Rocking the Foundation
  2. Class 2 – Dress Code & Discipline
  3. Class 3 – Why Am I Angry?
  4. Class 4 – We Learn by Watching
  5. Class 5 – Self-Destruction & Personality
  6. Class 6 – Interpersonal Communication
  7. Class 7 – Cognitive Skills
  8. Class 8 – Overcoming Obstacles
  9. Class 9 – Organizational Skills
  10. Lesson 10 – Financial Literacy
  11. Lesson 11 – Breaking the Cycle
  12. Lesson 12 – Personal Life Skills



Audience 1 (help)   : urban males looking for an alternate education besides that of the street.

Audience 2 (reach) : any males without a strong male figure in their life.

Stakeholders : members in the neighborhood, those involved with Reengage, the…

Positively affected? : those participating in the classes, the communities that will be the homes of those who go through the class, the families of those students, the organization.

Negatively affected? : companies looking to succeed on the state of the community  (pay day loans, etc), community members that depend on the classes old ways (gangs, dealers, etc).

How are these people related to the problem? Many people relate to the problem because they grew up in the problem; the area was long ago shifted from a regular area in KC to an area where the lower income people were forced. Many of these families consisted of absent fathers, so the boys in the family grew up without strong male figures and eventually let the street teach them how to live.

How are these people related to each other? They grew up in the problem, in the same neighborhood, so they have the same community.

What are the needs for each of your audiences? The audience needs an organization such as the man class to teach males how they are supposed to act and what their roles in society are.

How does your idea support those needs for each? With planning to help bring more support and focus to The Man Class, the class will be able to conduct more classes and in turn be able to continue to positively affect young urban males.

Who will you be communicating this need to? We will be taking this directly to the Man Class, the head of which being Rodney Knott, as well as other members of Reengage and possibly the mayor’s office as well. A psychologist that Rodney Knott enlisted the help with is Dr. E. Thomas Copeland. He might be someone good to reach out to as well.


“Art can’t change anything except people, and people can change everything else.”