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visual advocacy : degree project : proposal

visual advocacy : degree project : proposal
November 10, 2014 nick howland

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For my degree project, I would like to tackle the subject of online learning. Specifically, creating an online alternative to big-budget art schools that is either free or incredibly affordable. This would be an online application that would be accessible through various platforms; mostly on the desktop, smartphone, and tablet. The app would allow for professionals within creative fields to teach “courses” or even one-off lessons about certain skill-sets that would equate to majors and courses at traditional schools. The app would utilize modern technology to lower the cost of getting the skills needed to excel in one’s chosen profession. It could also promote offline interaction by allowing students to have courses that correspond to their location, which would allow for certain students to meet up and giver in-person crits. If this is not available, virtual classrooms could be created by utilizing front-facing cameras and screen sharing.

This app would provide an alternative to big-budge, private art schools and would be easily accessible for those who cannot afford to pay for a degree from an expensive creative institution, those who can’t (or can’t afford to) relocate, or those just looking to further develop their skills and push their knowledge of craft. Or even for those who have an itch to educate. This system can utilize professionals in their field to develop small courses for students to produce, which would then be reviewed by them.

There are a few sites like this that exist, namely skillshare, but most don’t take full advantage of the technology that is available and most are attached to the big-budget school this application would attempt to combat. The application itself would set itself apart from most art universities online courses because it is specifically designed to be online-only and will be utilizing modern technology to enhance this experience as much as possible.

People create and learn on their laptops and mobile devices constantly; why not  create a universal online platform for people who truly deserve to pursue a creative career but can’t exactly afford it?