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VISCOM: Project 2, Symmety Transformation

VISCOM: Project 2, Symmety Transformation
September 10, 2012 nick howland

For our second project in Visual Communication, we studied symmetry. We had  to define the five assigned terms (translation, reflection, glide reflection, rotation, and dilation), create five original digital illustrations for each term, then were challenged to go out and find five photographic examples of each term. My finding as well as definitions are below:


Rotation / Turning an object around a predetermined axis often implies movement/ continuance. Causes the viewer’s eye to follow a path created by the object(s).

Reflection / The placement of a figure on a plane of 180 degrees. Achieves the same effect as seeing the duplicate of a figure in the mirror.

Translation / The repetition of an object with each repetition spaced in uniform sequence and intervals.

Guide Reflection / Mirroring an object and then shifting it down a predetermined axis.

Dilation / The repetition and change in size of an object coupled with uniform spacing.

Photos / Digital illustrations: