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VISCOM II / Train, Train / Poster Rough

VISCOM II / Train, Train / Poster Rough
February 13, 2013 nick howland

It’s been a bit difficult for me to really get the ball rolling on the overall concept of the poster, namely the information attached to the poster and the overall “feel” of the route. After much (read MUCH) brainstorming and further research, I wanted to focus on the historical aspect of the route and the “city” imagery of it. The train route runs through four major cities and two historically important spots (DC and Chicago). The information will focus on, like I said before, the historical and industrial theme.

Aesthetically, I will be removing myself the highly hand-generated style I normally utilize and instead incorporate a more clean and refined vector illustration style. I think this is visually appealing but it also ties into the modern day city vibe of the route.

The (super rough) poster is below as well as a sketch of the initial idea.






and here is a little bit o’ digital process:

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