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VISCOM II / Train, Train / Poster Final

VISCOM II / Train, Train / Poster Final
February 20, 2013 nick howland

I aimed to capture the more quantitative and informational qualities of my chosen route, the Capitol Limited, which travels from Chicago to Washington DC. The train travels to and through many of the nations larger and historically important cities, so I wanted to focus on this historic aspect and (more prominently) the architecture of each city. I chose to pursue a more blueprint style (as discussed during the first crit) and included an illustration of one major building of each major stop. The lighter illustration of the Sears / Willis Tower in placed in the background to provide a sense of visual structure for the composition as a whole and also works as a more abstracted form of the trip route. The window colors correspond to the graph in the top right, which illustrates the time of day of each stop. Also, the elements of the graph itself were constructed using a timeline of the day; so each bar’s length in the graph correspond to the actual time of day the stop is on the trip.

I also heavily took into consideration the paper size when I created this poster. The size is 20×36, a longer size rather that a wider size. I wanted to use a taller, skinnier poster because the route itself is rather long and skinny (a very straight route, surprisingly).

I really wanted to try to remove myself for a bit from the highly qualitative and romantic illustrations that I normally do so that I could take a chance with an entirely different style. I think the overall piece worked, but there are a few thing that I would really like to nudge around a bit. Anyways, poster is below and so are some process photos. If you would like to see a wonderful ittel colletion of previous process, click here.



Digital Process

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