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VISCOM II / Train, Train / Inspiration And Sketches

VISCOM II / Train, Train / Inspiration And Sketches
February 6, 2013 nick howland

Experience, adventure, relaxation, industrial, classy. These are some of the keywords that I jotted down while making notes for the train route I will be illustrating in my informational poster. Our assignment is to select a preexisting Amtrak route and create a poster (relying on quantitative and qualitative methods) that conveys emotion as well as information. The route I chose to tackle is the Capitol Limited, which runs through Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Washington D.C. The illustrations would utilize flat colors and glyphs.

The inspiration I gathered covers a rather wide range of styles and techniques. Some are more painted classic ads where others are full blown infographics. My ultimate hope is to have a nice combination of both.


The first sketch I did focused on a more in-between approach. It includes both quantitative and qualitative, like the rest of them, but this one has more of a even blend of the two. The center image is the focus and it is more qualitative, but the surrounding elements are more qualitative. The data included (and this stretches to all of the designs) will focus on: the destinations, the stops along the way, information on the four major stops, the “luxery,” the comfort, etc. The main keyword for this design is comfort.

Viscom II Sketch 1

The second sketch is by far the most quantitative. It is, in essence, a full scale infographic that focuses on the qualitative / data elements. The focus, visually, is on the path of the trip. The shape of the actual trip is placed at the center and the stops are placed on top of the path. The four main stops are larger with full illustrations, the name of the city, and a small amount of information on each major stop. The smaller stops would include smaller illustrations with text stating the city’s name. The background would be a very basic illustration of a train car and this would house all the information within the poster.

Viscom Train Sketch 2

The final design is more heavily qualitative and focuses on full-scale, detailed illustrations that represent the cities the train passes through. The main, central design would be a collage of imagery representing each stop. The major stops would have larger illustrations while the smaller stops would take up a smaller area, creating a hierarchy within the design. The text would be assembled directly under imagery. The illustration itself would be the main focus of this design and the text would be secondary.

Sketch 3