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VISCOM II / Spidey Spatial / Initial Process

VISCOM II / Spidey Spatial / Initial Process
April 24, 2013 nick howland

It’s in the very very very beginning stages of concepting and construction but my initial idea for the spatial design would be to focus heavily on the subject of the magazine I laid out previously, the psychology and duality of the hero. I really want to focus on the duality of the hero and possibly split up the room to do so. There can be two different entrances which also function as exits; people can go in either way and have a different experience depending on which side they enter: the Peter Parker side or the Spider-Man side. There will be a middle section that will help tie both sides together conceptually and function as a smooth transition to the other side of the exhibit.

The dual entrance may end up needing to be reworked since people naturally enter on the right side. The duality could simply be shown through the elements within the space. Lots of work to be done. Indeed.

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