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VISCOM II / Spatial Spidey / Photographing

VISCOM II / Spatial Spidey / Photographing
May 8, 2013 nick howland

The model is DONE! Wahoo!! I finished up the model and began photographing yesterday. The photos didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I’ll be revisiting the photo room, but I do have a fleshed out concept for how I would like to photograph the model. More to come soon. Here is a brief review of why the model is like it is, though:

The room is essentially split into two halves: one half depicting Spider-Man while the other depicts Peter Parker. Each side tells the story of each character’s duality and character through imagery taken from the comics and blown up large scale on the wall (large scale to signify that these events in Peter’s life were quite large and significant). The entrance split and functions as a dual entrance so that people can enter on either side. The imagery is arranged so that you can come in at either end and still still undertand what is going on; it isn’t chronological or linear in the story it tells. You can go from one end to the other in whichever order you chose but the middle functions as a transition point to tie both together- this depicts the death of Ben Parker. On both sides of the death of Ben are two interactive rooms that also function as transition pieces. One is about shooting the web while the other is about building the web. The central wall has slits cut into it to further show the duality of the character but to also depict the struggle of wanting to be one or the other.

The initial photos can be found below. Final photos to come.