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VISCOM II / Pop Culture / Final

VISCOM II / Pop Culture / Final
April 19, 2013 nick howland

Spider-Man is a cultural icon, a symbol of youth and geekdom around the world. Spider-Man is the every-man’s hero. When focusing on the webslinger for my pop culture project, I wanted to go back to his roots and revisit who the hero was but also who his alter-ego, Peter Parker was. I ended up focusing quite a bit on Peter Parker and the duality of the character. The keywords I chose ended up being the strong foundation under which I structured everything else: geekydualityoffbeat, and vulnerability. I wanted to focus on these key elements of what make the arachnid avenger who he is. after I established my keywords and concept, I then dug into the aesthetics. I ended up going with a very clean and very colorful thick-lined vector style. I felt like this very much embodied both the geeky and offbeat atributes. My presentation can be found below in the form of a slideshow and a video. Process can be found below that. Also you can check out previous iterations (and see how very far the designs have come) by going here.

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Spider-Man presentation from Nick Howland on Vimeo.

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