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VISCOM II / Pop Culture / Assets & Artifacts / Final(izing)

VISCOM II / Pop Culture / Assets & Artifacts / Final(izing)
April 17, 2013 nick howland

As we get closer to the finals of the rebranding / awesome project, the assets and artifacts are nearing completion- in fact, they are essentially done with the exception of getting some feedback in class before printing. In designing these I heavily focused on my keywords: duality, geeky, offbeat, and vulnerability. The assets and aspects can be found below with some brief explanations of changes I made.


/ Words & Attributes / 



– I placed the attributes at the bottom and made ’em all bold.

/ Photo /



– I reshot the photo and utilized some of the brighter colors from my palette. I made it relate to the “offbeat / fun” keyword which made the photograph fit more cohesively with the rest of the elements.

/ Illustration /



– I cleaned up some of the digital craft within the illustration (though there is still some to fix up)

/ Pictogram /


/ Logotype /



– I redid the “man” text and pushed the differentiation between the two words (which ties into the duality theme).

/ Lettermark /



– I rearranged the letterforms, made them smaller, and rounded the inside corners of the box that surrounds the letterforms.

/ Symbol /


/ Colors /



– I added yellow to the color palette.

/ Business Card / 



– I kept the front design but completely changed the back.

/ DVD Cover / 


– I completely changed up the design of the DVD cover.

/ Website / 



– And the website home page was completely redesigned as well.