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VISCOM II / Judging The Book / Visual Form Crit

VISCOM II / Judging The Book / Visual Form Crit
March 5, 2013 nick howland

The next step in creating our book covers is beginning to really put it all together. I assembled a full mock-up of the books, which were complete with added elements placed on the sleave with a layer of transparency. The most interesting point that stood out to me when doing research about these sports was that there are a crazy amount of rules associated with each game, especially for activities we participated in so many times when we were kids. How did I not remember how complex these games were? After digging in to the details of each sport, my concept is to focus on presenting these rules in a way that still maintains the fun atmosphere of the games but to also shows the depth and complexity of each sport- this is where the transparencies and layering come into play.

A gallery of my covers can be found below.

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