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VISCOM / Brittany Huff Logo / Process

VISCOM / Brittany Huff Logo / Process
October 4, 2012 nick howland

In Viscom, we are designing logos for our client (another student in our studio). We have to incorporate two of their initials as well as their birth order while experimenting with negative space and overlay. My student-client is Brittany Huff

While interviewing Brittany to get more info about her to utilize for the project, I found out that she: prefers angular shapes, likes serifed typefaces over sans-serif, she is a firstborn, she likes country and punk music, likes structure, and also likes curved and unique typefaces. I also knew that she is a mother and has tattoos.

For the designs, I attempted to incorporate all the things I learned about Brittany during the interview as well as the things I previously knew. I used serifed typefaces, angles, and I also utilized a scripted typeface to symbolize tattoos.

Typefaces used: Chapparel Pro, Bickman Script, Goudy.

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