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VISCOM 1: Project 4, Visual Order Issuu

VISCOM 1: Project 4, Visual Order Issuu
September 22, 2012 nick howland

After looking back at the previous layout and design, it was apparent that I just could have done better. It was poorly put together and just not very fun to look at. I went back in, changed some things around, and also refined the style I was using (making it more along the lines of screen printing with blocks of color or even, to an extent, pop art). I think the end product is much more interesting and better constructed. It seems more refined and fun.

One problem I ran into while laying out the document was that, whenever I attempted to adjust the opacity of the blocks of color, it would change the opacity for the block of color AND the image underneath it. I fixed this by changing the settings under Edit > Transparency Blend Space.

The Issuu document can be found below as well as a few process images from the construction.

[issuu width=420 height=210 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120922045854-e391dfafff5c43279a054aef2a7c5f13 name=visual_order-laid_out__final_ username=nickhowland tag=batman unit=px v=2]