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VISCOM 1: Project 1, Gestalt

VISCOM 1: Project 1, Gestalt
September 4, 2012 nick howland

For our first project in Visual Communication 1, we explored select Gestalt principles. We first came up with a textual definition and then created sketches of each principle. Then we selected three of each set of sketches and transformed them into simple digital illustrations. Finally, we took photographs of the principles in the world around us. You can see my findings as well as the definitions and illustrations for each principle below.


Similarity / Objects that share similar visual characteristics are often viewed as belonging together.

Closure / Viewing an incomplete object and wanting to mentally complete it.

Proximity / Similar objects that are placed close to one another are often perceived to be in a group.

Continuance / A group of figures / objects that are arranged to imply movement through the group.