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VISCOM 1 / Environmental Design (Sketches, Inspiration, etc)

VISCOM 1 / Environmental Design (Sketches, Inspiration, etc)
November 9, 2012 nick howland

Why enter? Why go down this path? What is drawing me in? These are all questions we asked ourselves while brainstorming ideas for out site identifier. In Viscom 1, we are currently exploring environmental design. Me and my partner, Jodi, are currently in the preliminary stages of developing our ideas. Below are our sketches, inspiration, problem, and site assessment.


For this project, we are tasked with coming up with a site marker that embodies the spirit of KCAI, is three-dimensional, but cannot utilize the school’s colors or logo. It can use text, imagery, or form. Or it could be a combination of all of these elements. It has to be an original take on the creation, not a rehash of the branding the school already has in place.


The site we will be hypothetically placing our site identifier is located on the east side of the building. As it stands now, it is mostly comprised of a stone path with some squares that are actually lights, a small stone retaining wall located on the left side of the entrance (when facing the entrance) that contains some trees and some landscaping behind it, with some green space surrounding. The path leads to the center “quad” of the school, which is open green space. Overall, it is uneventful and unmemorable. We are here to pretend-change that. You are welcome.


Here are the images we found scattered across the interwebs that provided inspiration when sketching out our designs and just doing concepting overall.

[nggallery id=23]


While sketching out our ideas and brainstorming, we noted a few themes and ideas that we wanted to carry through our designs. We wanted to integrate the designs into the natural and green atmosphere of the campus. We wanted to see if we could try to have the object react to the environment. We wanted the design to be conceptual. We also wanted the piece to be visible both during the day and during the night so that those passing by (at any time if day) could see the installation and be drawn in. The material used to construct the installation reflects this as well. Our sketches are as seen below.

[nggallery id=24]