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VISCOM 1 / Cha-Cha-Changes

VISCOM 1 / Cha-Cha-Changes
October 26, 2012 nick howland

As the box redesign continues in Viscom, more handy-dandy layouts are created and assembled as we inch towards photographing the finals for Monday. I slightly changed some of mine (the glyph box) did a medium-haul redesign on one (the full color box) and then did a full on redesign of the 3-color box. I think the three-color box is much more successful now and entirely more interesting. I still can’t decide if I like the Glyph box now or the last iteration better. Take a peak for yourself below:

/Before and after: Glyph/

before glyph-NH

After Glyph-NH

/Before and After Full-Color/

after full-color-NH

/Before and After Three Color/

before-three color-NH

after-three color-NH