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VISCOM 1 / 7′ Record Sleeve

VISCOM 1 / 7′ Record Sleeve
November 30, 2012 nick howland

It’s ever so slowly coming along, but the idea has now been developed. The two songs I ended up choosing for the 7″ are The Talking Heads I Zimbra and Once in a Lifetime. I feel like they both go together fairly well to the tones of chaos in each song. I Zimbra has a bit of a hectic feel to it (especially since the lyric are based off of a Dada poem). Once in a Lifetime deals with that chaos but it is after the fact; this song is occurring while the person is taking action in reaction to the chaos. I feel like some of the large themes found inOnce in a Lifetimeinclude drowning, possibly suicide, a life one regrets, or at the very least a wish for escape.

What I would really like to do (and will do) is utilize transparency to overlay on the record sleeve itself to provide a visual representation of the layers found in the Talking Head songs. My idea to subtly tackle the themes of drowning, giving up, and suicide is to set up a scene with a chair and a person’s personal belongings lined up in front of the chair. This will be the front image. the back image will have the chair and the belongings floating in water that is rushing into the scene. This water will be placed on the transparency where as the rest of the illustration (with the exception of a few personal belongings) will be on the record sleeve itself. The text for the songs will all be on the transparency as well.

Here are a bit of process photos, though keep in mind they were taken before I decided to go with the direction I am heading and are also experimental files as well.