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user experience : instructional video : subject & list

user experience : instructional video : subject & list
January 27, 2014 nick howland

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Bri and I will be making an instructional video on how to make paper. Wahoo! We found an excellent wiki-how page on a few different ways to make paper. The process should be extensive enough to create a 3-5 minute video, but should be simple enough not to lose anyone.

The supplies you need are:

  • newspaper
  • your hands
  • a pan
  • water
  • frame and screen
  • …masher thing
  • starch
  • hair dryer
  • iron

The steps, roughly, include

  1. tear paper into strips
  2. place strips into bowl of water
  3. MASH!
  4. fill pan with water
  5. add pulp to water & break up the clumps
  6. add strips, add starch
  7. submerge screen
  8. lift screen
  9. remove excess moisture with cloth
  10. remove paper
  11. blow dry paper
  12. repeat steps to make more paper
  13. make paper airplane