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TYPE: Letterpress Project, Digital Mockups

TYPE: Letterpress Project, Digital Mockups
October 4, 2012 nick howland

Letterpress! In the current Typography 1 project, we are learning about and will be experimenting with the letterpress in the studio. I really want to explore the typographical hierarchy of the quote as well as symbolize the quote within the overall design. My partner in the letterpress designing is Tessa Canon. We will be connecting our designs visually through the same use of color, (a) same font, as well as the same paper (chipboard).

With the first mockup, I really wanted to focus on the rhythm of the quote (how the emphasis falls on the words “People,” “Design,” and “People.”) I arranged the words with different fonts so that the emphasized words stand out more than the other words. The emphasized words are in an italicized, more bold font (36pt Helvetica) while the rest of the text is in the normal, skinnier Futura font.

The second mockup focuses on exploring the constructed symbolization of the quote itself with the fonts. I flipped the quote upside-down to go along with the overall theme of the quote: people ignoring design that ignores people. It’s harder to read (if not impossible), but this will hopefully gain people’s attention, which will cause them to find a way to read the text and, if they think about it a bit, the design and orientation of the text will make sense since it directly ties into the quote.


After talking to Tessa and viewing a print of the mockup on the wall, I decided the greenish color would not work for the type; it is impossible to read at a distance. I went in and changed the text color to white. This gives a far better contrast between the text and background, which helps with legibility. Also, I fixed the typo.