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TYPE II: Type As Image / Refined Designs

TYPE II: Type As Image / Refined Designs
February 10, 2013 nick howland

After the first round of type as image designs, I went back through and edited them down and refined them. I tried to focus more on creating dynamic imagery instead of full bleed patterns. I received some pretty great feedback during crit and attempted to apply the criticism to each new design. The designs are as follows:

[nggallery id=39]

Repetition: I refined the piece itself and focused more on one larger mark with subsequent marks being smaller and visually subordinate. I also experimented with scale change as well as as different typeface.

Texture: I played played around with how the texture actually functioned and pushed it towards a more architectural, anatomical construction. I allowed for more white space to draw one’s eye towards the design itself.

Anomaly: I also allowed for more white space in this design. I also tried to better the interaction between the marks and the o’s while making the stroke weight of the o more uniform with the rest of the composition.

Space: I completely redid this design and went in a direction that simplified the concept, but also allowed for movement and depth to be seen within the piece.

Gradation: I went in and added to the design with repeated gradated forms. This added depth to the piece but I fel like this is the least successful.

Concentration: I refined the design, made it feel less heavy-handed, and made it NOT look like a snowflake.

Direction: I cropped the piece differently, added more forms in, and had the tails of the forms extend of the page.