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type four : ethnographic type : neighborhood study_week 2

type four : ethnographic type : neighborhood study_week 2
February 4, 2015 nick howland

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For the ethnographic typography challenge, Monica and I will be focusing our studies on the East Bottoms / Pendleton Heights / Knuckleheads area. Areas that both of us aren’t super familiar with, but are excited to go out and explore.

We took a trip down to those three sections of Kansas City at the end of last week and took quite a bit in while we were down there (as well as took quite a few photos, as seen above). The area is definitely industrial. And not the hip-industrial that the West Bottoms is, more like functioning-industrial. The area is packed with old warehouses and workshops along with the houses built for those workers when their employment first began. It’s kind of a stagnant town; there’s not much new development, if any. It seems like things have probably been the same down there for quite a while, with the exception of The Local Pig (butcher shop / food shop), Urban…something, and Knuckleheads. Knuckleheads seems like it was built with the leftovers of most of the buildings in the area but The Local Pig and Urban shop next door are pretty darn hip.

I feel like if the district had a taste, it would be that of metal in your mouth. Like when you have a spoon in your mouth for too long or taste blood. It’s a working area, for sure. Pendleton heights has a similar vibe, but it seemed like it really tried to be get things together at one point. Not to say it’s trashy by any means, it just seems like a quaint little area that recently tried to be a bit more relevant. Both areas didn’t have a whole lot of people out and about. Forgivable, though, since it was rather cold and early.

There were a ton of “beware of dog” signs, barbed wire, and security cameras out everywhere. Really interesting textures, too. lots of splintered wood, burnt brick, and fading paint. And old shop signs that we may or may not have a story about.

Monica and I will be spending some time in Knuckleheads rather soon, so we’ll have some photos and a write up on that as well.