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TYPE 1: Typographic Mark, Project 3, Part 3 (With Progress)

TYPE 1: Typographic Mark, Project 3, Part 3 (With Progress)
September 15, 2012 nick howland

For the third and final part of Project 3, we were tasked with choosing our favorite of the 15 further developed digital typographic marks (after a full day crit) and polishing it up. The mark I chose to use was the “speech bubble” mark. I felt that this one personified myself the best; on the mind-mapping exercise, I wrote down the adjectives tall, lanky, nerdy and the plural noun comic books to describe myself. I think all of these descriptive terms can be found in the design of this typographical mark.

During the crit, the one suggestion I was given (the major suggestion I was given) was to try to to make the letterforms themselves the speech bubble. This was my main goal in redesigning and refining of the final typographic mark. I think I accomplished this. I rounded off the tops and bottoms of the letters to make them the rounded edges of the bubble itself, then created a tail by reshaping one of the legs of the ‘N/H’ form. The one thing I would like to fix (and will be fixing soon) is having the tail of the speech bubble stand out more. It seems hard to notice from a distance and it doesn’t translate well when re-sized to a smaller size. Please check back, the final finalized final typographic mark should be up soon.

Process Photos:

I originally had the tail of the speech bubble coming off the right end of the mark, but that didnt seem right. Neither did having the tail come straight down out of the bubble.

Final Typographic Mark:

Typographic Mark-final-sleepy