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TYPE 1: Typographic Mark, Project 3, Part 2

TYPE 1: Typographic Mark, Project 3, Part 2
September 15, 2012 nick howland

For the second part of our third project in Type 1 (constructing a typographic mark), we we took our 3 favorite sketches from the previous portion of the assignment, imported them into Illustrator, and created 5 different iterations of the mark to further explore its characteristics and design.

The three typographic markings I chose utilized the Univers and Futura typefaces. I felt like both typefaces were a visual personification of myself (tall and lanky). I chose the first mark because it is a way I sometimes sign my name. The captial ‘N’ and the capital ‘H’ attach well together since they are both vertical forms with tall, sturdy stems. The crossbar of the ‘H’ also connects well with the ‘N’ when the rightmost stem of the N is removed. I chose the 2nd mark to further explore the structure of the two letterforms (better exemplified on the two bottom examples on the second page). It also allowed me to study the perspective of the letters, especially when they were slightly skewed or altered. The cast shadow is a further exemplification of my tall structure and the long shadow I cast. The third and final mark I chose allowed me to experiment with the dimensions of the letterforms when placed together. Doing so allowed me to depict how there is more to me than what is just perceived on the surface (so deep).

A process photo from this portion of the project as well as the original sketches can be found here.