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TYPE 1: Typographic Mark, Finalizing The Final

TYPE 1: Typographic Mark, Finalizing The Final
September 19, 2012 nick howland

After not being all too happy with the end result of the finalized typographic mark I posted earlier (I felt like it could be more visually dynamic and interesting), I went in and tinkered with it. I think what I ended up with is far more interesting than the previous creation.

I ended up expanding the letterforms and making them a bit thicker, but not too thick as too take away from the tall stature of the letters. I took the black shadowed curve towards the bottom of the left leg of the N and continued it a bit further up the leg. The main change is the alteration of the tail on the end of the image. I felt like the original curved tail was too sharp and hard to recognize so I made it triangular and extended the shadowed area on the top left corner. The overall shadowing was also extended a bit further to reduce the amount of negative space as well as give the image a bit more shape and mass. I also took the crotch of the N and raised it a bit more to further distinguish the N from the H. The original typographic mark can be seen here while the finalized image as well as process photos can be found below.