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TYPE 1: Type Specimen Book / Revisions

TYPE 1: Type Specimen Book / Revisions
November 22, 2012 nick howland

For the revisions of the type specimen book layout, I ended up changing a few minor things that, overall, changed the aesthetic structure of the document. I:

  • Changed the spacing on the side of the entire document- I moved in the information to allow for larger margins on the outer sides of the pages.
  • Took out the super loud 100% Cyan used for the annotations and replaced it with a much lighter gray.
  • Deleted the dashed lines from the first spread that connected the typeface name on the left to the information on the right.
  • Deleted the birth / death dates of Robert Slimbach on the right side of the first spread and replaced it with Claude Garamond’s name and brief information.
  • Moved around some of the annotations to balance the overall weight of the piece – notably switching the words “trustworthy” and “elegant” on the second spread along with their notations.
  • Left aligned all text to make it easier to read.
  • Aligned all the major central words throughout the document to better the flow from page to page.
  • Ended all the dotted annotation lines at the beginning of the first line of descriptive text. This takes away from the dashed lines looking like they continue to infinitely stretch on.
  • Went in and changed the size of the “W” on the last spread then centered it a bit more by making the alphabet a bit smaller and then scooting over the “W” a bit further to the left.

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For the covers, I did three different mock up sketches (only two of which I felt like were solid enough to post). These sketches were done before I realized that we had ti have specific information

For the first cover sketches I wanted to place the quote, which talks about the strength of Garamond, on the covers. Half of the quote would be on the front and the other half would be on the back. It would utilize the same color scheme and hashed lines that can be seen on the inside of the document. This may be too much info to be placed on the covers, though. It would partially depend on the sizing of the words .

cover 1

cover 2

The second design would call for me to take the information that is currently on the first inner spread and divide it up on the covers. The Typeface name and the annotations would go on the front cover and the designer name and information would go on the back cover. The quote would then go on the first inside spread along with the body copy that is currently on that spread. It would be a pretty simple change, but I think it could be successful.

cover 3

cover 4