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TYPE 1 / Type Specimen Book / Finalizing Layout

TYPE 1 / Type Specimen Book / Finalizing Layout
November 14, 2012 nick howland

After the crit for our first crack at layout, I took the feedback I got (try combining the two styles-structured and a little more busy-into one style, work on what pulls the viewer through the book) and tried to implement them into my designs. I also ended up changing the annotation structure a little bit. After looking at the designs, I realized that the diagonal orientation of the annotation structures was completely contradictory to the typeface I am annotating; Garamond is structured, sturdy and reliable and the diagonal orientation of the annotations went directly against this. To fix this problem, I simply made the directional lines within the structures either vertical or horizontal. I think this decision helped out a bit. The variety that was brought in to the layout by the diagonal lines was still maintained with the different directions the vertical or horizontal lines went. My designs can be seen below.

[nggallery id=28]

My process can be seen below.

[nggallery id=29]