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TYPE 1 / Type Specimen Book / Final

TYPE 1 / Type Specimen Book / Final
November 30, 2012 nick howland

Annnnnnnd we are now finished with the type specimen. It was nerve wracking putting this dude together but I think I managed to get fairly good craft during construction. I’m actually pretty happy with how the design turned out – I think it represents the typeface fairly well and I think it utilizes space well. It was quite fun to put together, actually. Ok, onto the specifics that actually deal with the project.

The class started the project by working on varying elements that would eventually make up the design for our type books. We did research on the typeface as well as it’s designer, we practiced our leading skills, we created annotations, then we actually began to layout the piece. For the design, I wanted to go with something that was simple, elegant, and utilized negative space well; all to accurately represent the typeface. You can judge for yourself if managed to pull this off below:

 /Final /

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