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TYPE 1 / Type Metaphor

TYPE 1 / Type Metaphor
October 17, 2012 nick howland

To metaphorically represent type, we started off by choosing 6 words. The goal of the project was to accurately represent our words as a metaphor utilizing only the letters in the words we chose and two provided typefaces. We could do so digitally or via analog methods. The words I chose were: sly, craving, anonymous, plunge, lanky, and ramble.


I explored the 6 words with 12 sketches, 2 differing ideas for each word. The sketches with descriptions are below.

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I created the Lanky image with analog methods. My original idea was to use a rubber band (or a stretchy material of some kind) and transfer the letters onto it so that I could then stretch it. Then I realized that would mean I would have to draw the letterforms onto the rubber band… After rethinking the process, I decided to venture out and get some silly putty to pick up the ink, stretch it, then scan it. But, the silly putty wouldn’t pick up the ink. After experimenting a bit more, I traced the letters a pencil and then managed to pick it up so I could scan it and digitize it. Process photos are as follows.

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For the other two words, I manipulated the text digitally and laid them out in illustrator. I attempted to pick typefaces that complimented the words (Jensen for Lanky due to the skinny stems and overall form of the letters, Jensen for Plunge because the serifs allowed for more exaggerated guiding lines, and Grotesque for Anonymous because the forms allow for one to overlook them a bit more compared to the elaborate serifs of Jensen. The final images are as follows.

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