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TYPE 1 / Helvetica Quote + Response

TYPE 1 / Helvetica Quote + Response
November 2, 2012 nick howland


“Life of a designer is a life of fight; fight against ugliness.”

It seems like the majority of the designing world loves Helvetica (except for auto-correct, apparently.) It’s a “ubiquitous” typeface that feels at home on shirts, shoes, billboards, planes, and the human body. An explanation for the perfection of the typeface can be found in the reasonably universal thought that nothing about the typeface needs to be changed; that every attempt to make it better has failed miserably and that any possible alteration to the letterforms should be halted immediately.

Coming from the viewpoint of someone who really appreciates hand-generated text, I really enjoyed having a few designers within the movie discuss the contrast of hand-generated (or altered) type in juxtaposition to the perfect structure of Helvetica or other digital / mechanical type. Every designer had a strong, passionate response as to why they liked or disliked Helvetica. Also, there was the contrast of one of the designers (I think it was David Carson) talking about utilizing different typefaces for different words; matching the personality of the typefaces with the words they will be constructing. I don’t think a single typeface should be used for every design, I definitely think that typefaces should be explored and not just limited. Also, the music rocked.

Woo handwritten type!

(just gonna give a little shout out to my great pal jodi. she is so so so excellent. i could not have done any of this without her; my life would be a hollow and meaningless shell existence) -not Jodi