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TYPE 1: Blog Redesign, Part 3: Finalizing (Process)

TYPE 1: Blog Redesign, Part 3: Finalizing (Process)
September 29, 2012 nick howland

The final portion of the Blog Redesign project was, of course, to actually jump into our settings and CSS of our blogs and alter the look of our process blog. An easier task than we all first imagined, the only thing that complicated the alterations was my need to continually change it after previous stages of the design failed to impress me. All of that will be described and illustrated below, though.

Since the current site you are on is the finalized version of the redesign, this post will essentially function as a view of the process and the insane amount of changes that occured along the way.

First off, HEADER:

The header in the live mockups originally started as my logo with a “hand drawn” typeface accompanying it. This, for the most part, existed as a placeholder until I could go in and actually draw in the text. The hand drawn text didn’t end up looking exactly like what I wanted. I used the pen tool in Illustrator, so it ended up being far too angular and sharp. I ended up drawing the text out by hand, taking a picture, painting over it in Photoshop, vectoring and live tracing it in Illustrator, then assembling it along with wash backgrounds in Illustrator.

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Next, LOGO:

After redesigning the header and the handwritten text, the logo just didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the elements. The original logo was just far too sharp and crisp. I ended up going through a similar process for what I did with the handwritten header text: I took the original files, painted over it by hand in Photoshop, took the file into Illustrator, then live traced it, vectorized it, and cleaned it up.

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I eventually decided that the color pallet I was using, pink and light blue, was a bit gimmicky. It didn’t seem professional at all; it seemed way too playful. I also didn’t like how the header was pressed right against the banner on top of the posts. I ended up taking the pink out from being a major color in the design and replaced it with a tan/ skin tone color as well, which compliments the blue color nicely without competing with it. I also deleted the header, but took the elements of the header (logo and handwritten text) and incorporated them into the background. This helped give the blog a cleaner feel. The original color pallet really distracted the viewer from the posts as well. Below you will find a before and after shot.

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