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TYPE 1: Blog Redesign, Part 1: Sketches & Digital Mockups

TYPE 1: Blog Redesign, Part 1: Sketches & Digital Mockups
September 28, 2012 nick howland

The first portion of our blog redesign consisted of sketching out 5 unique layouts that we could model the eventual redesign off of. One requirement of this was to implement our logo into the design. For the sketches, I went into the available WordPress themes and modeled my sketches off of a few chosen themes. I focused on two main types of layout: a single central scrolling column with a header directly on top of the central column and a central scrolling column with a fixed side menu bar. My sketches can be found below.


Blog Sketch-1 Blog Sketch-2 Blog Sketch-3 Blog Sketch-4 Blog Sketch-5 Blog Sketch-6 Blog Sketch-7 Blog Sketch-8


The second portion of the assignment was to take our sketches and import them into Illustrator to create more realistic mockups. I stuck with the overall designs of the sketches but did alter some small parts as well as added in some features.





Blog Mockup-2-Process Blog Mockup-1-Process