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professional practice : reading response : salary guide

professional practice : reading response : salary guide
February 7, 2014 nick howland

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Though it’s something I continue to hear from most of my professional friends and recent grads, i t’s almost surprising to find out that all forms of design salary are on the rise. Especially those in print.

Digital design is something that is talked about on a daily basis, especially the constant shift to digital design that we discuss in class and see in our everyday lives: in our pockets, on our wrists, on our desk. A rise in salary for digital design is expected, no matter how small (though 5% isn’t a number to shake a stick at), but it’s good to see that print design, though much debated as being dead, is still staying strong (3.9%-4.7%).

Experience is expected which means we all need to get out and have as many internships as possible. A great portfolio and “soft skills” are helpful and will get us far but having a few internships gleefully jumping off the page is the crowning jewel. Those get noticed. Plus the experience helps as well. Buff up that resume and good things will happen.