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Professional Practice : Portfolio + Resume + Business Card + Everything Sketch

Professional Practice : Portfolio + Resume + Business Card + Everything Sketch
March 28, 2014 nick howland

A few different ways of presenting my portfolio: from the goofy, to the super goofy, to the more refined and elegant.

The first option presents a simple, corrugated cardboard box printed with a “leather” record player exterior. Kinda like the all-in-one record players back in the day and some of the one’s they are making now. The insides include a small postcard / mini-poster, a portfolio book in the form of a “record,” a concert ticket business card, liner note  resume, usb flash drive, and maybe a few other goodies.

The second option is an action figure box with a little figure inside, a portfolio book that looks like an instruction manual, a folded resume, and a trading card business card. Probably a few other goodies in this one as well.

The third option is a much more refined, elegant styling that has an aesthetic that matches my refined website. The outer box would be linen or book cloth lined with my letterpressed logo and contact info on top. A portfolio book would be included in the sleeve as well as a personalized sketchbook and resume / business card.

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