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pro practice : website development : site map and website examples

pro practice : website development : site map and website examples
February 24, 2014 nick howland

After poking around the internet to find some awesome examples of portfolio sites, this is what I have come up with:

daniel spatzek : 

Built with  Muse

a rather simple site that utilizes animated scrolling and presents itself as a one page site initially, but also offers individual pages through click-throughs.


Tad Carpenter : 

Built with WordPress

I just love the overall simplicity of this site. It’s just easy to navigate and not very flashy. It presents the work and that is what takes center stage.


Kevin Lagier :

Built with HTML5 

This site is freakin’ gorgeous but there’s no way I can build something like this by had. But still, look how beautiful it is. And it has a border! *swoon*


Mike Kus :

Built with Mixture

I feel like this is almost exactly what I want my site to look like.


Wanda Print :

Built with WordPress. 

The initial scrolling mechanism is a bit complex and strange, but I love the menu system. 


David Bastian

Built with WordPress. 

I love the simplicity and attention to type. 


Tim Brack :

Built with WordPress

Yes, Yes, a thousand times yes.

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