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pro practice : landscape of design : reading and lists

pro practice : landscape of design : reading and lists
January 29, 2014 nick howland

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[reading response]

I love Frank Chimero. I also love stream of conscious style writing. Frank Chimero’s article is a (relatively) concise and thoughtful rambling of his gained knowledge up to the very moment in which it was written. The overall structure of the writing is all over the place but there is so much knowledge found throughout it (here there and everywhere) and some truly substantial nuggets. For the sake of structuring the thoughts brought about by the article, I’ll utilize a handy-dandy bullet list and pull a few quotes.

  • Know what you can and cannot do. Know your limitations but also know where you can push yourself and continue to learn.
  • Never stop learning
  • There is always a way around something (money, materials, etc.) You can find a creative way of bypassing your “downfalls.”
  • Mix things up until something works. Don’t hesitate to take chances and leap off of a cliff. Be able to realize when something isn’t working and change things up until it feels right. Never stop, just keep going. Failures can sometimes lead to innovations.
  • I love the quote “Edit yourself, but let someone else sensor you.” You can just keep your work to the bare minimum; explode and then choose a piece of shrapnel to refine. Go all out and have fun, put your capabilities out there and then see how you can apply some spit-shine.
  • Everyone thinks in different ways. Your thought process or design aesthetic or music taste isn’t universal. But you can learn from this. Everyone brings something unique to the table and little elements can be pretty dang tasty to different people. Reach out and feel around. See what’s in your hand when you bring it back up.

[short term / long term goals]

As far as short term goals go, I want to continue to push myself and get as many internships as possible while I’m still in school. I’ve had an interactive internship at Springboard Creative in Mission, Kansas (which then turned into a part-time job) and interned at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art as a Signage intern as well. I applied to Propaganda 3 not that long ago for a Summer internship and I’ll be applying soon to Salesforce, Palentir, and a few others for Summer internships as well. I’d love to get an internship on the West Coast. I also want to get as much as I can out of my job at Springboard while I have it. Long term goals…I want to end up at a medium to large size design studio. This could be an advertising agency, but I think I would prefer a design studio. As I continue to delve into interaction design, I find myself loving it more and more, so I would ultimately love to hold down a job as an Interaction Designer in some way—most likely UI / UX. I’ve never really been one to remain stagnant in one area of life, so there is a very good chance that I will push my skills outside of my career as well and maybe even develop some kind of non-profit organization. Something that has been on my mind for a while is the poor state of the education system is in the US. I would love to create some kind of mentorship or apprenticeship or something along those lines to give talented kids an education / experience that they otherwise couldn’t afford. Also, I would love to get outdoors more, travel, and maybe even sleep.

[job / internship listings]

  • VML (KC) offers internships in Creative and User Experience Planning, as well as careers in Creative and User Experience. “…utility, ease of use and desire come baked into everything we do.”
  • Salesforce (San Francisco) offers rather intimidating internships in varied fields as well as careers in Creative and UI / UX. Last year’s king of design, Eli Brumbaugh, currently works at Salesforce and is wanting me to head out west to see what opportunities await. I’ll be applying to Salesforce for a Summer internship as soon as I get a chance.
  • Palentir (San Francisco) also offers some rather high-end (read: super crazy) internships in product design (UI / UX) as well. Ashley Einspahr, last year’s queen of design, currently works there and is trying to get me to intern there as well. I’ll be applying here for a Summer internship momentarily.
  • Frog (Seattle) offers careers in Creative (which also includes interaction design) as well as internships in visual design as well as interaction design. “The work is diverse, our clients globally recognized. The opportunities to grow and learn are endless. We love what we make and we think you will, too.”
  • Second Story (Portland) offers student-specified internships as well as careers in visual design and interaction design. Plus, the place is just drool worthy. I think I would probably explode with joy if I ever walked into this place.
  • Propaganda3 (KC) offers careers in Design as well as internships. I applied here for a Summer internship about a month back