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narrative // tender buttons // storyboards + test

narrative // tender buttons // storyboards + test
September 11, 2013 nick howland

As we begin to brainstorm and test out our methods of video making for the Tender Buttons motion graphic, I have begun to play around with utilizing stop-motion to convey the poems I have selected. Below you will find my storyboards as well as a test stop-motion video I did during experimentation.

The first storyboard shows a person rapidly typing out the Rhubarb poem on a typewriter. The poem has a very back and forth motion to it, so the movement of the carriage would convey this nicely. Also, the backspace button can be utilized in the portions of the poem that retread. Repetition can be shown by typing numerous times over a certain word.

The second storyboard shows a stack of tracing paper with lines of the poem type on each sheet. As the poem is all stacked up in the first frame, it appears overwhelming, but as each piece is removed and each new line is revealed, understanding begins to form.

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The third storyboard shows an open sketchbook as a canvas. Words begin to form at varying paces (symbolizing the varying degree of understanding and the pace at which this understanding forms). The Rhubarb poem, once again, has a very back and forth feeling to it. This time, that feeling is depicted through the erasing and rewriting of certain words. This method also shows the repetition of the poetry.

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