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IMAGE: Project 2, Historical Figure Inspiration Board

IMAGE: Project 2, Historical Figure Inspiration Board
September 6, 2012 nick howland

For our latest Image project, we chose a dead historical figure to eventually illustrate (with symbols, icons, and indexes) a museum exhibition poster for. Before we really dive into creating the poster, we were tasked with making an inspiration board to utilize when choosing the imagery for the poster.

When choosing the imagery for my inspiration board, I decided to focus on the qualities of Kerouac, the symbolism of the man and author. I wanted the imagery to represent Kerouac. I chose images of a wine jug (alcoholism), a California Zephyr train (which he rides at the beginning of Big Sur), a pack and hitchhiker (to symbolize his travels across the country), a neon Jazz sign (the music he listened to and was inspired by), as well as a few others. With the exception of the image of Kerouac, everything is representational of the man he was.

Click Here to navigate to the Kerouac biography for the Historical Figure project.