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IMAGE / Interview Frenchfold / Final & Process

IMAGE / Interview Frenchfold / Final & Process
November 27, 2012 nick howland

For the recently wrapped project in Image, we interviewed a fellow studiomate and then made a french fold pamphlet that represents them on four folded sides and a larger center spread.

My partner in the interviewing intensity was Monica Roesner. We sat in the photo room and had an awesome, long conversation that provided good information for the both of us. I went through and picked out some of the key themes and information from the interviews to utilize in the french fold. The key themes I ended up going with were: nature (a larger theme that spanned the entire layout in some ways), family, religion (subtly), and home (Colorado). I wanted to fashion these images into a design that was a nice melding of both my and Monica’s styles while focusing on representing her. I wanted the design to be simple and graphic. The fold out can be seen below along with an experimental design below that.





Monica Chalkboard SPREAD-NH