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IMAGE / Illustrated Image

IMAGE / Illustrated Image
October 22, 2012 nick howland

To begin the exploration of our illustrated image, we started by writing up a summary of our story then listing the themes we found. We then sketched out how we could illustrate these themes to convey the message of both the theme and the story we selected. The themes and summary of my stories can be found here.

The sketches can be seen below:

[nggallery id=15]

Next, we went out, gathered supplies, and actually photographed our images. The first few shots I took were rather rough as I messed with composition and coloring. I knew I wanted a simple background that would help create a simple and graphic image which would also not detract from my image or the hand drawn text I planned on using – the hand drawn text, I believe, compliments the humor of the stories and the laid back tone.

After experimenting with a few photo shoots, I gathered the rest of the supplies, finished the photographs, then added in the hand drawn lettering as well as a simple border. The finals (both with and without text and borders) can be found below.

[nggallery id=14]