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IMAGE: Constructed Image Test Shots

IMAGE: Constructed Image Test Shots
September 26, 2012 nick howland

While continuing to develop our constructed image poster, we gathered the symbolic objects we included in our sketches and did mock up shots of what the composition would look like. I went into the photo room to take them so I could mess around with lighting techniques (florescent, spotlight, colored gel).  Below is the best shot (in my opinion) of the mock ups.

constructed image- mock up 1

After shooting and reviewing it, I realized that there is just is far too much negative space in the image. It isn’t as crowded and messy as I had originally set out to achieve- to represent how frantic he is and how his work can possibly be seen as claustrophobic and cluttered. Also, during the personal crit for the image, we discussed moving the typewriter closer to the “One Fast Move” quote, adding in more materials in the bottom area of the photograph to help balance it out and create more clutter, and add paper into the background’s sides to further exaggerate the paper moving off the image.