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IMAGE: Constructed Image, Grayscale Tiling

IMAGE: Constructed Image, Grayscale Tiling
September 26, 2012 nick howland

To further explore the constructed image poster, we printed up our shots (reshoots for me) in black & white, full scale 24×36 and tiled them up on the wall to critique.

For the reshoot, I added more items to the bottom portion of the image (more bottles, crumpled up paper, cigarettes, etc) as well as raised the “desk” up so I could move the “One Fast Move” quote closer to the typewriter. Moving the quote closer to the typewriter helps draw the viewers eye from the top mass of paper and text down to the quote and then further down to the typewriter. I also added more paper to the right side of the image so that the continuation of the paper off the page is further exaggerated and added in more wash to the “Jack Kerouac” text so that it is more legible. I think the image is definitely developing more.

Constructed Image-grayscale