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human centered design // video progress + aiga article ramblings

human centered design // video progress + aiga article ramblings
October 2, 2013 nick howland

The video above is the progress I’ve made (so far) on the Folly motion piece. The text below is my response to the AIGA articles I read.


// Designer of 2015 Trends //

As designers, we are increasingly called upon to be much more than just designers. We’ve always been problem solvers but our scope is growing (or being pushed to grow) at a rather break-neck pace. Our bubble is expanding from regional, to national, to global as we think about how each element of our designs will help solve problems ranging from how people brush their teeth to the elimination of world problems. As our scope grows, so does our power (mad scientist laugh not included). Before, we were essentially limited to the ad world and a bit beyond that. We could convince someone to go with one product rather than another. Now, through boat-loads of research, close collaboration with like-minded individuals from other fields (<inspiration), a global outlook, and more specific design choices, we have the power to change the world around us. For the better. We can raise awareness but we can also make a difference.

Design is people focused. Design has always been this to some extent but it’s true now more so than ever before, especially with the world around us being more creative than ever before. The world is a much more interactive place due to social networking, mobile technologies, and even advancements in transportation. Due to this, people tend to be much more creative as well. Anyone with a Twitter, Etsy, Snapchat, or Instagram account is now a “creator” thanks to the power we have given the user. We need to keep in mind this global creativity trend now more than ever before. People love interactive (yay interactive design!!).

It’s a little bit scary how ambiguous and vast the term “designer” is becoming but it’s also rather exciting to see how far we have come as a design culture. I wonder what the term “designer” will mean 20 years from now.


// Defining the Design of 2015 //

Well……this article didn’t really define anything but the article above pretty much did. The article did point out another facet of the future designer, though: the ability to gather as much information possible from as many people possible from as many places as possible. Our knowledge of those we create for must know no bounds.