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human centered design // packaging // questionnare

human centered design // packaging // questionnare
October 23, 2013 nick howland

What’s the name of product?

Boxed wine (title to be determined)

Are you familiar with any background information on the product?

Boxed wine is often viewed as a cheaper alternative to bottled wine. It is also a very social drink.

What’s the objective assignment? (For example, the objective might be to re-introduce the product targeting a younger age group.)

To reintroduce boxed wine as a more classy option which will, in turn, widen the consumer base.

Who is the target audience?

This product will be aimed at the younger audience, those who will be purchasing the drink to take to parties. This average audience will be 21-35, but the packaging itself will be designed to appeal to demographics outside that range
as well.

What is the product description?

The boxed wine will be geared towards a younger audience but the overall goal will be to make boxed wine more appealing and up the class of the product itself– especially since some boxed wine is $30 or so but the packaging does not reflect that.

Does it have any components?

The components would essentially be redesigning the housing unit (the box) itself and improving functionality while also hiding it (namely hiding the spout since this is the number one feature that makes boxed wine appear cheap.

What are the benefits of the product?


The major benefit of boxed wine is that it is a social drink but it is also a cheaper alternative to bottled wine. I want to further exploit the fact that this is a social drink and possibly include other party items, such as collapsible cups and the like.

Is there support for these claims?

…… 😉

Research done (being present when boxed wine is being bought and asking where it will be used).

What elements (barcode, price tag, etc.) must appear on the package?


Has the material already been selected, or is it still open for suggestion?

Still open but I was thinking either wood or thicker chipboard.

What is the project budget? (This may limit your options for materials and design.)


Are there any other creative considerations (corporate colors, personal likes/dislikes, available resources such as copy, photos and/or illustrations)?

Everything will be created by myself, including any illustrations that need to be done or copywriting.

What are the distribution considerations? (Is the product going to be shipped in dozens, 1/2 dozens, etc.)

NA (most likely bulk distribution).

What is the retail environment? (Is the product going to be displayed on peg board, shelves, point-of-purchase displays, etc.? Will it be available to the mass market or sold in a boutique shop, specialty store, etc.?)

Mostly found in liquor stores located on wooden shelves.

What is the USP (unique selling point)?

All the elements you need for a party, fairly cheap, nice to look at.