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human centered design // jazz poster // getting there

human centered design // jazz poster // getting there
September 14, 2013 nick howland

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This is currently where I am at on my Jazz concert poster for the Folly. There’s been quite a few changes happening as of late, namely: I’m taking out all the thick, gaudy linework; playing around with the arrangement and spacing / adding more elements; definitely changing the colors of the bedding (so that it actually looks like a bed) / playing around with the color of the items themselves; and playing with how the headphone cord lives in the space- it is supposed to represent a path the viewer goes on to get from one point to another.

I know I still have to add in the date, add some more items, and fines the poo outta this, but what do you guys think of the changes? Namely the shift away from the heavy linework, and the bed sheet colors? The bed sheet colors seem like they need to come down in tone a little bit, but I think something in that family may work.