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degree project : education system : process_week 1

degree project : education system : process_week 1
February 1, 2015 nick howland

The first week has begun! And then it ended. Pretty quickly, actually.

So, through the course of this week, I basically just took down all of my ideas and begun to organize them on paper. I took a step back and analyzed what exactly I was trying to do, figured out what the base idea of the end product would be like, then started to put together a rough schedule of things to do.

To the left is the rough template for the process book I will be putting together for this project. Below are the notes I took this week.


  • The main purpose of this project is to create a system that allows for a sharing of knowledge and skills by professionals while utilizing today’s  technology to craft a fully interactive experience. 
  • something to supplement a formal education
  • a system that both utilizes technology and promotes physical interaction.

How I can use and promote technology within this system: 

  • allows for more interactive, in-depth experience when not meeting in person
  • take advantage of front-facing and regular cameras for crit, meetings, or just to document work
  • possibly implement a calendar system? someway to keep track of projects and due dates.
  • be able to take notes, draw directly on digital depiction of work
  • possibly be able to take a 3D “panorama” of work, so someone can view it and spin it completely around.
  • fully utilize technology- this is how this system will be set apart from the competition.
  • use specific devices: possibly desktop and tablet for more screen space.
  • maybe a stripped down app for phone? with calendar / planner, etc?

How I can use and promote physical interaction outside the system:

  • This helps tie the app in with a regular, university education
  • everyone says that the physical elements of school is the most important part- this system can have that.
  • can have a weekly or bi-weekly meeting between students and instructors.
  • open-office hours with professionals either in person / skype call / chat.
  • physicality will help with accountability, which is super important!!
  • gamification element? to help provide motivation for people to accomplish assignments
  • with a formal education, there are people to help keep you on track and organized. This is where the physical element comes in.

To do next: 

  • research physical school alternatives, like School Hous, etc.
  • research SkillShare, Udemy, etc. and take notes on positives and negatives. Take a class!
  • talk to Spencer about SkillShare
  • research forms of learning and find ways to implement within this system