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ACT / Semiotics / Web Design

ACT / Semiotics / Web Design
February 20, 2013 nick howland

As we move forward with our website, a design project that has us building an educational site for our parents to describe what we are leraning this year, we refined our wireframes and made one solid wireframe. Then we took to the visual design skys and fluttered around until we created 4 digital mock-ups of the site.


My definite focus on this site is the simplicity and interactivity. I want the site to be easy to read but to have some fun elements as well. The concept is to have a limited “endless scroll” feature on the semiotics page with the main image being an illustration that houses examples of each term. When hovered over or clicked, the item you are interacting with will have a pop-up style window that will define the term for the viewer. Since there already are a few colors in the illustraion (and because I didn’t want to distract from this), I minimized my color palette for the menu, etc, to be strictly shades of grey. Sketches, the tightened wire frame, and the final piece can be seen below.


website sketches-nh

Tightened Wireframe:



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