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ACT / Rhetoric Definitions

ACT / Rhetoric Definitions
March 11, 2013 nick howland

And the next section in Applied Communication Theory isssssss: Rhetoric! Here are the definitions for the terms assigned:

– rhetoric (include who, what)- sway an audience through affective language.
– pun- a humorous joke or comment that makes note of similar sounding words.
– hyperbole- an exaggeration that is intended to be figurative, not literal.
– irony- usually used for humor or emphasis, saying the opposite of what one truly means
– antithesis- the exact opposite of a person / thing.
– personification- giving personality and human characteristics to an inanimate object.
– metonymy- substituting an attribute or related object to the thing meant.
– metaphor- the use of language to compare two objects that are not alike
– synecdoche- the part is made to represent he whole, or vice versa.
– parody- an exaggerated imitation for comical puposes.