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ACT / Modes Of Appeal / Definitions And Examples

ACT / Modes Of Appeal / Definitions And Examples
March 6, 2013 nick howland

For the current assignment in ACT, we are starting the next section that will be included in our website: Modes of Appeal. The terms we are learning about and are defined below are: Pathos, Logos, and Ethos as well as Intrinsic Ethos and Extrinsic Ethos.

Here are the definitions:

Pathos / Engaging the audience through emotion. This may utilize one’s senses or one’s imagination

Logos / Engaging the audience through one’s sense of logic.

Ethos / Appealing to the audience through the credibility of the author or a spokesperson.

Extrinsic Ethos / The reputation of the author / spokesperson is previously established

Intrinsic Ethos / Quality is realized through experience.

And here are the annotations: 

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