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ACT / Modes of Appeal and Rhetoric Summary

ACT / Modes of Appeal and Rhetoric Summary
May 17, 2013 nick howland

While reading through and learning about the modes of appeal and rhetoric, it became rather apparent that these two theories would be the most important of the theories we would study. They are the most commonly used and effective theories when it comes to design.

Modes of appeal are, essentially, the different methods of manipulating the reader into thinking or feeling a certain way. In this way they are similar but once you take a look into what each mode is used for, they tend to become drastically different. Pathos deals with emotions while logos is more rational and plays off the logic one holds.  Ethos is takes advantage of the fact that the majority of people prefer to be presented with something by a highly credible source. Each term tackles a different way of interpreting a design.

Rhetoric becomes a bit more dense since there are much more terms and each hold a very distinct purpose. Rhetoric helps you present an object or idea in a way that would have the most impact within a group of people, depending on the relationship between the image and the selected term. It seems like the most successful use of rhetoric ends up being the most simple use of it. This is either simply text based or simply imaged based. Either focusing on image or text allows one to specify their message an use of rhetoric and make it the most impactful it can be- this is because the rhetoric could easily get lost if the presentation is too complex.